Wow! Independent artist Sarah Anne Flansburg just released a steamy song titled, “Cake.” This song sounds just as good as the title. Who doesn’t love cake? Oh, but this artist is for sure talking about something else with that title. She’s been watching you, you’ve been watching her, and things are about to go to the next level asap. Hats off to you Miss Flansburg! What a fun song! Bravo!” - Imperial Hustle

San Diego Urban Magazine

L.A. singer Sarah Anne Flansburg wants to serve you some "Cake" with her sensual new single. It's a suggestive song, done in a tasteful way. She's basically done waiting on the boy she's had her eye on and is ready to make her move. Now we want to know who it is and if he takes a bite? Honestly, who could say no? This song needs radio airplay for sure. If you like her style, call your local stations to play it. She's on Spotify as well, so listen to her other songs. We also really like her dance song, "Let Me Dance for Ya!”

Press Party

Everyone goes through lover’s past resurfacing to the present. Beautiful Washington-songbird Sarah Anne Flansburg is caught up in a whirlwind of returning love on her new song, “Stars Realign”. A love from Sarah’s past returns and leave the singer looking to see if this love is fate or a mistake. Vocally powerful, as Sarah shows range, angelic, and diversity in sound throughout the song. “Stars Realign” is only the beginning of your love for Sarah Anne Flansburg, we promise.” - BRYSON

Kaboom Magazine

HOLD THE PHONE! Or should we say, plate? Sarah Anne Flansburg’s latest single is HOT! It’s called, “Cake” and it’s slow and sexy. This song will definitely put you in the mood to get close to your current crush. You legit, need to listen to this, and listen to it now. You’re welcome. Remember you heard it here first! Sarah Anne’s music is available on all your favorite music platforms. You go girl!” - Kareem Williams

She Bloggin

Sarah Anne Flansburg is an amazingly talented pop star in the making. Her voice is magical and this new single titled "Stars Realign" is a masterfully written song that is guaranteed to take you on a trip down memory lane. Stars Realign is the kind of song that you picture in a romantic movie and if the right person were to hear this song I could see it happening. From the storyline, the lyrics, beautifully played piano, to Sarah Anne's effortlessly graceful voice this song will have you hooked form the beginning. Sarah Anne is such a wonderful singer and equally as great at song writing. Stars Realign tells a story, a powerful one that you will feel with every word sang by Sarah. This emotional masterpiece is one of the best song's that I have heard this year and really look forward to keeping a close eye on Sarah Anne's progression in the music industry.” - Anthony Barksdale

Indie Nation

Sarah Anne Flansburg releases an emotionally uplifting song titled, “Tears Dry.” A song centered around forging forward and focusing on a new day to come. She currently lives in the Los Angeles area, and is originally from a small town in Washington State called, Puyallup. We hope this small town girl breaks out. We’d love to hear this on a movie soundtrack. Kudos to her!” - Kareem Williams

She Bloggin

Sarah Anne Flansburg is back with a new song called “Let Me Dance for Ya” This girl has got beautiful musicality and proves she knows what she’s doing in the Los Angeles music scene. Her style fits in with today’s hits. Hear “Let Me Dance For Ya” now.  ” - Jon

New Sick Music

Mixing incredible production with awesome vocals. Rising singer/songwriter Sarah Anne Flansburg releases a hot new dance single, properly-titled, “Let Me Dance For Ya”. Known for talented songwriting abilities, Sarah lets loose and has some fun for the perfect new single for your girl’s night adventures. “Let Me Dance For Ya” is the lead up for two more new singles coming by the Los Angeles-by-way-of-Seattle recording artist.” - Beauty by Benson

Lizzy Brodie

Congratulations go out to singer/songwriter Sarah Anne Flansburg who just released a hit song named “Cake.” Her voice is very sultry with this one, and we’re seeing another side of her artistry. It’s fun to see artists develop and evolve in their music. After hearing this single and other ones she’s released, we’re wondering if an album is coming soon? We hope so! Go and listen to her other songs on her website:” - Real Entertainment News

Imelite Radio

Sarah Anne Flansburg adds a mysterious touch to her original single, “Tears Dry.” The mix between the instrumentals with how she sings the song are almost eerie in a very artistic way.  Check it out for yourself. Her music along with several others are available on all major music platforms.”

Tilly Devine