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  1. Tears Dry

From the recording Tears Dry


Tears Dry - Lyrics
Verse 1:
You made a promise to hold my place
A thousand reasons I plead my case
I couldn't amuse your appetite 
You're black and I'm blue
Blurry apparition starrin' back inside a mirror 
Failure crowds my space and the aftertaste is bitte
Won't lose myself
Stay motivated
These tears will dry
They'll dry
Nothing's permanent 
Just elevate it
So I'll smile
Verse 2
Imperfections will linger on
I hear ya doubt me
But know, you're wrong
Never enough to satisfy
You crave my fear
Repeat Hook
Like the rising sun
I'll shine on what was done
Shadows burn and fade out from view
From view
Repeat Hook
So I'll smile for you babe