From the recording "Tonight's the Night"


Verse 1:
Once in awhile I gotta let my hair down
Turn off the noise
That's inside my head now
Cuz I'm in charge of the life I lead
And every step is a chance for me
To break out and just yell
Give a little show and tell
Tonight's the night we're gonna have fun
Call up your girls and tell everyone
Don't ya see that I'm ready for a good time
Can ya tell that I'm here for the good life
Verse 2:
Timing is key
And the moment's right now
I'll do what I have to
Nobody's holding me down
A sweet escape is the thing I need
To let myself be completely free from this world
From this space
I'm putting on my game face
Chorus - Repeat 2X
Tonight's the night (repeat 5X)
Put on your high heels we're gonna have a good time
Looking this good we don't have to wait in the lines
Good drinks, loud laughs, best friends, let's dance
We're free at last
Chorus - Repeat 2X