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Press Reviews

San Diego Urban Magazine

"Wow! Independent artist Sarah Anne Flansburg just released a steamy song titled, “Cake.” This song sounds just as good as the title. Who doesn’t love cake? Oh, but this artist is for sure talking about something else with that title. She’s been watching you, you’ve been watching her, and things are about to go to the next level asap. Hats off to you Miss Flansburg! What a fun song! Bravo!"

Press Party

"L.A. singer Sarah Anne Flansburg wants to serve you some "Cake" with her sensual new single. It's a suggestive song, done in a tasteful way. She's basically done waiting on the boy she's had her eye on and is ready to make her move. Now we want to know who it is and if he takes a bite? Honestly, who could say no? This song needs radio airplay for sure. If you like her style, call your local stations to play it. She's on Spotify as well, so listen to her other songs. We also really like her dance song, "Let Me Dance for Ya!"

Kaboom Magazine

Everyone goes through lover’s past resurfacing to the present. Beautiful Washington-songbird Sarah Anne Flansburg is caught up in a whirlwind of returning love on her new song, “Stars Realign”. A love from Sarah’s past returns and leave the singer looking to see if this love is fate or a mistake. Vocally powerful, as Sarah shows range, angelic, and diversity in sound throughout the song. “Stars Realign” is only the beginning of your love for Sarah Anne Flansburg, we promise.

She Bloggin

"HOLD THE PHONE! Or should we say, plate? Sarah Anne Flansburg’s latest single is HOT! It’s called, “Cake” and it’s slow and sexy. This song will definitely put you in the mood to get close to your current crush. You legit, need to listen to this, and listen to it now. You’re welcome. Remember you heard it here first! Sarah Anne’s music is available on all your favorite music platforms. You go girl!"

Indie Nation

Sarah Anne Flansburg is an amazingly talented pop star in the making. Her voice is magical and this new single titled "Stars Realign" is a masterfully written song that is guaranteed to take you on a trip down memory lane.

Stars Realign is the kind of song that you picture in a romantic movie and if the right person were to hear this song I could see it happening.

From the storyline, the lyrics, beautifully played piano, to Sarah Anne's effortlessly graceful voice this song will have you hooked form the beginning.

Sarah Anne is such a wonderful singer and equally as great at song writing. Stars Realign tells a story, a powerful one that you will feel with every word sang by Sarah.

This emotional masterpiece is one of the best song's that I have heard this year and really look forward to keeping a close eye on Sarah Anne's progression in the music industry.

She Bloggin

"Sarah Anne Flansburg releases an emotionally uplifting song titled, “Tears Dry.” A song centered around forging forward and focusing on a new day to come. She currently lives in the Los Angeles area, and is originally from a small town in Washington State called, Puyallup. We hope this small town girl breaks out. We’d love to hear this on a movie soundtrack. Kudos to her!"

New Sick Music

"Sarah Anne Flansburg is back with a new song called “Let Me Dance for Ya” This girl has got beautiful musicality and proves she knows what she’s doing in the Los Angeles music scene. Her style fits in with today’s hits.

Hear “Let Me Dance For Ya” now."


Lizzy Brodie

"Mixing incredible production with awesome vocals. Rising singer/songwriter Sarah Anne Flansburg releases a hot new dance single, properly-titled, “Let Me Dance For Ya”. Known for talented songwriting abilities, Sarah lets loose and has some fun for the perfect new single for your girl’s night adventures. “Let Me Dance For Ya” is the lead up for two more new singles coming by the Los Angeles-by-way-of-Seattle recording artist."

Imelite Radio

"Congratulations go out to singer/songwriter Sarah Anne Flansburg who just released a hit song named “Cake.” Her voice is very sultry with this one, and we’re seeing another side of her artistry. It’s fun to see artists develop and evolve in their music. After hearing this single and other ones she’s released, we’re wondering if an album is coming soon? We hope so! Go and listen to her other songs on her website:"

Tilly Devine

"Sarah Anne Flansburg adds a mysterious touch to her original single, “Tears Dry.” The mix between the instrumentals with how she sings the song are almost eerie in a very artistic way.  Check it out for yourself. Her music along with several others are available on all major music platforms."

Indie Nation

"IndieNation Review:
Talented Pop singer and songwriter Sarah Anne Flansburg is back with another hit single titled, “Let Me Dance For Ya.” This upbeat single is catchy, creative and well put together. Sarah Anne Flansburg shows of her vocal abilities with smooth harmonies, and fun lyrics that will have you singing along. Let Me Dance For Ya was made for movies like “Save The Last Dance.” I can picture a scene of a dance battle with this playing in the background. Great beat selection, it was made for Sarah Anne Flansburg’s voice. Overall I was highly impressed once again with Sarah, she continues to grow as an artist and perfect her craft. Sky is the limit.

Anthony Barksdale

R&B Supreme

Upcoming artist Sarah Anne Flansburg makes her first mark on the music scene as she releases her debut single "Stars Realign".

In this single Sarah isn't ready to give up on her love as they break down but build back up even stronger each time.

The multi-talent singer and actress has been singing since the age of 6 when she started her first love musical performance since she's able to sing, dance, and act all together. One thing that she loves to too do is sing in all of her harmonies as well as in a variety of genres from hip-hop to pop to dance. 
W'ere honored to be introducing many of you to Sarah Anne Flansburg, let us know what you think of her debut single "Stars Realign" available on most media retailers and streamers.

Trap Style

"Heading into the Fall, rising Pop recording artist, Sarah Anne Flansburg releases a new dance single, “Let Me Dance For Ya”. An incredibly fun song for the music lover in you. The new song showcases the Los Angeles-native amazing artistry and vast vocal range.

The Perfect single ladies to get ready to hit the town with. The new track was inspired by Sarah’s many girl’s night adventures. “Let Me Dance For Ya” is a great addition to any playlist. Sarah has been building a great rapport over 2018 and preparing for a huge 2019.

Enjoy “Let Me Dance For Ya”? Get ready to hear more new music by Sarah in no time as the rising star is slated to release two more new songs by the end of 2018."

Kaboom Magazine

"Singer/songwriter Sarah Anne Flansburg has a new dance song called, “Let Me Dance for Ya”. It’s an incredibly fun song for music lovers ready to hit the dance floor. This song will definitely get stuck in your head, and we mean this in a good way. Sarah has been publicized on our site before, this girl has been putting music out since beginning 2016, and has two more songs scheduled for release in November 2018 and January 2019."

Indie Nation

"Indie Pop Star Sarah Anne Flansburg is back with another hit single titled, “Tears Dry.” Being able to watch Sarah’s growth first hand has been amazing to me. She has continued to grow as an artist. Sarah Anne Flansburg has always been a talented singer-songwriter. However, I feel as though she has growth and really maximized her talent. Her work ethic is evident. I expect that this is only the beginning for Sarah.

“Tears Dry” is my favorite song to date by Sarah Anne Flansburg. You can feel the passion and energy from Sarah’s voice. Her melodies and chorus seem to fit perfectly. Tears Dry, by Sarah Anne Flansburg is an amazing song and a must add to your playlist.

Anthony Barksdale

CW Music

"Recording Artist, Sarah Anne Flansburg has a new song out and we absolutely love it! “Let Me Dance for Ya” is a very catchy tune that dancers will especially appreciate with different dance breaks in the music. We learned that she’s a dancer herself, and we’re looking forward to seeing more! Congratulations going out to Miss Sarah Anne! Her website has more info here,"

Elite Muzik

Meet the beautiful Sarah Anne Flansburg, R&B/Pop singer/songwriter from Puyallup, Washington. Her voice ranges from a high 1st soprano down to a low alto range, giving her the flexibility to play with music. She sings all of her own harmonies. Today, Sarah steps into the limelight with her introductory debut single, “Stars Realign”, a song dealing with lover’s past returning to the present and leaving you wonder what things could be. The relatable ballad is filled with Sarah making a bold statement with her first impression, strong vocals, creative subject, and angelic vibe. Perfect jumping point for all new found fans looking to add some new R&B to your playlist, look no further than the small town songbird.

Hit the play above and get familiar with Sarah Flansburg. “Stars Realign” is available for download right now on iTunes.

Show The Receipts

Sarah Anne is ready to make you take notice with her angelic voice on her single “Stars Realign.” The talented songstress was born in the small town of Puyallup, Washington. 

Indie Nation

Pop star Sarah Anne Flansburg is back with another hit single titled, "Tonight's The Night." The first time we featured Sarah was for her debut single, "Stars Realign" which was a ballad. This time around she's got an upbeat pop song for us called, "Tonight's the Night." Sarah Anne Flansburg is from the Seattle area, and moved to Los Angeles in 2014. She not only sings, but also is a trained dancer and actress. She has a musical theatre background as well. Sarah's special talent is obvious. The music she creates is filled with positive vibes and great energy.

"Tonight's The Night" is such a fun song. Once again Sarah showcases her special vocals and writing ability. This is a well-produced hit single that needs to be shared with the world! This catchy single will have you singing along and leave you in a great mood. Sarah has found her place in the music industry, I can hear her becoming more comfortable and can only see amazing things for her in the future.
-Anthony Barksdale

Press Party

Her timing is key and her moment is RIGHT NOW!  Sarah Anne Flansburg’s here to convince you that “Tonight’s the Night” to have fun!  We’re sure you’ll love this new up tempo song of hers! She is a multi-talented new artist in the Los Angeles area.   Look her up on iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud.

Triple HQ

Sarah Anne Flansburg releases her second single!  She wants you to have fun with your friends, and have a good time listening to, “Tonight’s the Night!”  We think it’s the perfect song to get you ready for a night out!  She’s got an entertaining voice that fits right in with today’s Pop music.  This is an artist to WATCH! Purchase her music on iTunes today.

Lady Thriller Entertainment

This young artist is here for the good life with “Tonight’s the Night!”  Sarah Anne Flansburg moved to Los Angeles from Puyallup Washington in 2014.  She told us this was the first song she recorded when she first moved to L.A.  She’s been on stage since she was only six years old and hopes to grace the stages of L.A. as her music roster grows.  Her music is available on Amazon, iTunes, and the Google Play Store.  We’re looking forward to hearing more from Sarah Anne in the future.

Paparazzii Ready

Let your hair down with Sarah Anne Flansburg’s newly released song, Tonight’s the Night!  This is the kind of song we’d want to hear on the radio, driving with the top down!  There are fun rhythms that’ll have your toes tapping!  You’ll be singing along with her in no time! Stream the song on Spotify and Youtube today.

Latest Hip Hop

Sarah Anne Flansburg puts on her ‘game face’ as she releases her new song.  “Tonight’s the Night” will have you dancing around in your room in no time!  We’re definitely feeling her vibe and style through this song!  She’s also a trained actress and dancer too.  Check her out on Spotify and Soundcloud.

Triller Than Most

Up and coming Pop singer, Sarah Anne Flansburg just released her second pop single called, “Tonight’s the Night!” It’s a cool song that you’ll want to put on repeat! The song has a lot of fun instrumentation and a great beat! Sarah Anne’s from the Seattle area and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her performing career. She has a wide range of talents including dancing and acting. Looks like we have a triple threat on our hands! Good thing she’s in Hollywood! Let’s help this new artist out by calling your local radio stations and requesting her songs!

Kaboom Magazine

Sarah Anne Flansburg releases her second music single, “Tonight’s the Night” following her debut single, “Stars Realign.” She’s from the small town of Puyallup Washington and now resides in Los Angeles California. Her new single is a fast paced Pop song that is an all-around fun song. Her voice is enjoyable to listen to, and fits the music perfectly. Her talents include singing, dancing, acting, and musical theatre. She’s been training and performing since she was a young girl. To learn more about Sarah Anne, click on her official website and purchase her music.


Forget about your work week and get into this new song by recording artist, Sarah Anne Flansburg. She has a beautifully fun voice that music fans will enjoy. “Tonight’s the Night” is available on all major music sites for purchase and streaming.

Press Party

Sarah Anne Flansburg Debut Single Stars Realign

Buy her new single on itunes today!

Seattle Talent Instagram

Go check out our long time friend @sarah_anne1111 new single#Friday!!!!

Lady Thriller Entertainment

..."Stay Tuned for more of Sarah Anne Flansburg. Stream the single on soundcloud and buy it on itunes today!..."


Washington Singer Songwriter Sarah Anne Flansburg releases her Debut Single title “Stars Realign”.

CW Music

"Beautiful melodies and an impressive vocal range shows off indie artist Sarah Anne Flansburg in her new song, “Tears Dry.” Towards the end her voice goes really high. There isn’t one thing to change about this song. All of the harmonies and ad-libs you hear, are her voice. The song production and mixing are all 5 stars. It’s beautiful. Her talent is notable and we’re looking forward to hearing more from her."

She Bloggin

New Music: Sarah Anne Flansburg – Stars Realign

T-Mobile Official Twitter

" From Puyallup to LA and everywhere else, has your stars are aligned when you travel the *MelJ"

Vintage Media Group

"Get ready for a Holiday treat with a new song called “Christmas Favorites” by Sarah Anne Flansburg. This song will bring you Christmas cheer with a sweet melody and warm harmonies.  Sarah’s voice is lovely and we’re eager for everyone else to hear her new music! Buy on iTunes today!"

"She wants to snuggle up beside the fire and we think we’ll join her!  Singer living in Los Angeles, Sarah Anne Flansburg released a Christmas song called “Christmas Favorites.” With simple instrumentation, it gives her voice a chance to really shine. Very pretty in her delivery!  Her website has links to all of the places you can buy her music at:"

Paparazzii Ready

"You’re going to have a new favorite Christmas song this year and it’s called “Christmas Favorites!” It’s by an independent artist, Sarah Anne Flansburg who has released a couple of other songs as well.  She’s newer on the music scene, and we’d like to follow along with her to see what she does next.  This new artist is going to blossom. Purchase her new song today and get in the spirit of Christmas!"

Imelite Radio

"You can officially start playing Christmas music now that it’s November, and you should start by checking out some new original Holiday songs. We’d like to introduce to you, Sarah Anne Flansburg. She’s from Puyallup Washington and lives in Los Angeles California. Her new seasonal song is called “Christmas Favorites.” You can preview it and purchase the song on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon. Happy listening and Happy Christmas!"

Tune Collective

“Christmas Favorites” is a new Christmas song by recording artist, Sarah Anne Flansburg.

Her rich voice and artistry make this song a cozy one to listen to. We’ll be wrapping presents to this one!

You can learn more about Sarah on her website. Buy on iTunes today!"

Kaboom Magazine

"Sarah Anne Flansburg releases her third single, “Christmas Favorites.”It’s the perfect new tune to add to your Holiday playlist. Previous song releases of hers are “Stars Realign” and “Tonight’s the Night.” You can stream it on Spotify and purchase on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play Store. ​Buy on iTunes today!"​

Music Xclusives

"Get wrapped up in Sarah Anne Flansburg’s new Holiday song, “Christmas Favorites!”

She’s from the small town of Puyallup, Washington and currently resides in Los Angeles, California. If you’re in the L.A. area, catch her perform the song live over the holiday season.

Loving “Christmas Favorites” and know you will too! ​Buy on iTunes today!"

Press Party

"It’s time to start playing Christmas music and we’re playing Sarah Anne Flansburg’s new single, “Christmas Favorites!”  Check out this new song and we’re positive it’ll get you in the mood for the Holidays.  The flow of the song and the little ‘fa la la’s’ added in make it the cutest! She has a beautiful and easy voice to listen to. You can purchase her music now on iTunes."

Indie Nation

"My favorite time of year is finally here. I was recently reminded of this fact by Sarah Anne Flansburg. Her new song identifies with all of my favorite reasons for loving Christmas time. This is a magical song for an amazing time of year in which we are reminded of the bonds that we have created and shared over time. Sarah sings about coming home for the holidays. For many of us this season is time to catch up with loved ones that we may have been separated with for the year. Sarah Anne Flansburg’s soft voice has such a soothing and uplifting feel. Her voice is perfect for the Christmas atmosphere. This is a well written song that is easily relatable, and could and should be played in households throughout the holiday season. After listening to Christmas Favorites by Sarah Anne Flansburg you will feel uplifted, and if your anything like me this song will have you looking forward to this upcoming season!"

We Run the Underground

"Small town girl makes big moves with her new song, Let Me Dance for Ya! Her name is Sarah Anne Flansburg and she’s currently living in Los Angeles, but from the Seattle area. This song will definitely get stuck in your head, in a good way of course."

Indie Nation

"The evolution of Sarah Anne Flansburg has been fun to watch. She continues to wow me with her ability to continue to grow, elevate her game and evolve into a diverse Pop Star. This new single titled, "Cake" is a new sound for Sarah and was executed to perfection. I have never met Sarah Anne Flansburg personally, but her work ethic and constant consistent growth tell's me all I need to know about her. Sarah is relentless in her chase for greatness. As always the songwriting on "Cake" is fun, well written, and fits perfectly with the instrumental. Sarah Anne Flansburg continues to get better with every song. This latest single "Cake" may jump to my favorite song by Sarah Anne Flansburg and I am extremely happy for her, the work she put in does not go unnoticed.

Anthony Barksdale


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